Products and Market

Siyakhula provides innovative and technologically advanced nutritional products to service providers. It is also committed to fulfill a continued leadership role to the Limpopo service providers and intends to reinvest its research and development resources to maintain and expand its expected market position.

Primary benefits derived from our proven product line are:

  • excellent nutritional value
  • low cost
  • timely delivery
  • high quality

The following foods are supplied according to the prescribed nutrition program:

  • maize
  • beans
  • cooking oil
  • samp
  • soya mince
  • seasoning
  • rice
  • brown sugar
  • fish

Products will be transported in and dispatched from 3 strategically located warehouses which have already been secured in the following areas:

  • Nelspruit – 1,000m²
  • Siyabuswa – 1,000m²
  • Polokwane – 1,500m²


Primary benefits derived from Siyakhula Foods are:

  • superior nutritional value
  • low cost
  • timely delivery
  • high quality
  • The following is a list of nutritional products supplied by Siyakhula Foods on a monthly basis:
    Maize Meal ±60 Tons
    Beans ±40 Tons
    Samp ±60 Tons
    Long Life Full Cream Milk ±60,250 liters
    Cooking Oil ±12,000 liters
    Soya Mince ±40 Tons
    Pilchards ±120,000 tins
    Rice ±40 tons
    Salt ±7.25 Tons


  • Siyakhula Foods possesses the necessary facilities, equipment, personnel and vehicles to continue to provide nutritional products to Mumalanga schools.
  • Siyakhula Foods not only has the capacity, but has been providing superior nutritional products in the area for the past almost 3 years.


Supplies are sourced from reputable and well established companies for which we have a high level of assurance to supply the required quantities on time at prescribed quality standards and at pegged prices on a continuous basis. Supply agreements are in place to cover uninterrupted supply of up to 60 days. With most products we are registered with more than one supplier should we experience logistical difficulty with any one specific supplier.